Clearly Brilliant, Clearly Powerful, Clearly Sapphire

Comm. Sapphire Overview

When most people hear the word “sapphire,” the blue precious gemstone comes to mind.  They would be surprised to learn how pervasive and essential sapphire is in their daily lives.  Sapphire is the preferred base material for LED production and can be found in LEDs used in general lighting products such as LED light bulbs, commercial lighting and industrial lighting, consumer electronics such as HDTVs, tablets, laptops and netbooks, and mobile phones.  They’re even used for traffic lights and automotive lighting.  The growing list of sapphire applications across multiple industries today underscores the need for a reliable supply of consistently high-quality, sapphire. 

Sapphire is the second hardest material in nature after diamond -- with exceptional optical qualities, physical strength, resistance to corrosion, durability under extreme pressure and temperature, and bio-compatibility.  These properties, along with its ability to be fashioned into nearly any shape and its electrical and material characteristics, make sapphire the ideal base material semiconductor materials used to manufacture optical and electronic devices. 


The growing diversity of applications of sapphire means escalating demand -- for larger and larger volumes of high-quality substrates in a wide range of sizes.  Discerning manufacturers worldwide need access to resources and suppliers to help them ensure quality, contain costs, and maintain a reliable supply of sapphire.