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Sapphire Industry Watch


July/August 2015

Treehuger, Lamp runs for 8 hours on one glass of water and some salt,, The Skysphere: New Zealander Jono Williams builds solar-powered retreat for $75,000,
World Policy Blog, Seven technologies that will save the Earth,

The Times of India, Six 'solar cities' to be developed in the northeast,

Airport World, LAX unveils new energy efficient lighting scheme,
Airfal International, Blue LED lighting to kill food-borne pathogens without chemical treatment,

Semiconductor Today, Large lighting makers continue to transition to LEDs,

The Hindu Business Line, Government committed to making LED a way of life in India,

Quartz, Photos: Clean energy innovations are lighting up Africa,

ABC 8 News, University of Buffalo invention takes new approach to fighting insomnia,

First Post, How smart lighting has the potential to reduce energy costs by 90%,

Compound Semiconductor, LED grow light market worth $1.9B by 2020,

June/July 2015

FISU, The Opening Ceremony: A Superlative Show of Lights,
CBS New York, Statue of Liberty Gets New Lighting System,
The Age, St. Paul's Cathedral Goes Green,

Orlando Sentinel, Orlando Eye hopes to turn heads with well-timed colors,

ABC News, Legally blind Hobart man sees the light by making log lamps from Tasmanian timber,

Dell, Slideshow: Fashion takes spotlight at CE Week,, Targeted LEDs could provide efficient lighting for plants growing in space,
Novus Light, 7 Uses for Led Lighting Technology,

Red Bull, These LED skydivers turned the sky into a piano,

LEDs Magazine, Warsaw National Museum preserves art while enhancing mood with tunable lighting,
Gizmags, Mini demos street lights that also charge your car,

Electronics Weekly, LED lighting could help with sleep patterns,

Daily Mail, Light on your feet! Japanese inventor creates LED dancing shoes that allow users to paint the town any colour they like,
KDLT News, Mount Rushmore introduces unique lighting system,

Daily Mail, Through the wormhole! Waterslide with spectacular LED lighting gives sensation of travelling through time,
The Cheat Sheet, Why LED lights may become standard equipment on most cars,

Thai Visa News, World acclaim for Thai students' invention to help coral reefs,

Gizmag, Dyson's LED lamp promises to burn brightly for 37 years,

The Orange County Register, Anaheim has one colorful roof,

Business Spectator, Five-buck bulbs: The LED revolution is on,

May/June 2015

LEDs Magazine, LTP Takes Interactive Architectural LED Lighting to New Heights for Barratt London,
The New York Times, Lower-Cost LEDs Offer Some Competition to Compact Fluorescent Lights,

LEDs Magazine, Strategies Unlimited Reports Global Packaged LED Market to Reach $22B by 2019,

Photonics Spectra, Materials Innovations Help LEDs Turn On,

Business Korea, Data Transmission with LED Light to Be Possible,
Detroit Free Press, New LED lights shine on bridge to Belle Isle,

CityMetric, This is why we should be farming in skyscrapers,

BBC News, Supermarket LED lights talk to smartphone app,

KDLT News, Brighter Nights Ahead With LED Streetlight Pilot Project,

DNAinfo, Lincoln Park Church to Serve as Giant Canvas for Light Show This Week,

The Californian, Pajaro Valley Berries Right from the Start,

Santa Barbara Independent, It's All About the Quality of Light,

April/May 2015

Business Insider Australia, A giant Pac-Man is going to take on Sydney's Vivid light festival,

Energy Manager Today, LED market outlook is bright,

WSB Radio, Construction of SunTrust Park enters next phase,

New Civil Engineer, America's smartest bright to get connected lighting system,

Sourceable, The Hidden Perils of Energy Efficient Fluorescent Lighting,
New York Times, With LED Lights, Automakers Reveal All the Road We Cannot See,

The Asian Age, Green Focused People Power LEDs,

Semiconductor Today (Pgs. 68-71), Implications for LEDs of The Shift to Large-Diameter Sapphire Wafers,

Gizmag, 3D-printable AstroGro System To Foster Astronaut's Green Thumbs,

The Huffington Post, New LED Lights Could Play Huge Role In Ending Malaria,
Slash Gear, Apple Watch Scratch Resistance: Ion-X vs. Sapphire Glass,

Photonics Spectra, Displays You Wear,

Fresh Produce Journal, UK's 'first' aquaponic farm gets green light,

Market Watch, Rubicon Technology to showcase largest sapphire window ever produced at SPIE DSS,

7News Boston, Gov. Baker recognizes Earth day with new LED program,

Slash Gear, Adaptalux uses octopus-like LED arms to illuminate your photos,

March/April 2015

BGR, Video: The Apple Watch's Sapphire Display Survives an Insane Power Drill Test,
TheJournal.IE, Check Out the Light Emerging from These Dublin Landmarks,

Semiconductor Today, US LED Lighting Market to Reach $5.2bn in 2015, Driven by Declining LED Prices and Government Initiatives, 

The Oklahoman, Oklahoma City Hall Park to Get Makeover,

BuzzFeed, Monuments Around The Globe Are Turning Blue For Autism Awareness,
Lancaster Online, Taiwan Expanding Into Indoor LED-lit, Pesticide-free Farms,
Sourceable, Hotels Light Up to Influence Human Behavior,

Energy Manager Today, LA Connects, Controls its LED Street Lights,

Gizmag, International Youth Culture Centre glows with colorful LED lighting,

UPI, Seattle Mariners first team to use LED lights, last 97,000 more hours,

Semiconductor Today, Rubicon appoints GTAT's former VP of crystal growth systems development as CTO,

The Times of India, Solar flower trees to power up alternative lighting solutions,

Slashgear, Disco Dog smartphone-controlled LED vest makes your dog a party animal,
Fire Chief, Aerial fire truck add-ons to boost function,

CNET, This Millennium Falcon paper model looks real enough to fly,

Semiconductor Today, Rubicon showcasing large-diameter patterned sapphire substrates for LED market,

The Leaf-Chronicle, Railroad bridge offers rainbow of lights,

Orlando Sentinel, Orlando entrepreneurs create night lights for runners,

Business Insider, Stunning video shows people surfing at night with LED surfboards and wetsuits,

Spartan Daily, LED street lights conversion coming to more areas of San Jose,

February/March 2015

NBC 5, Rubicon CEO Discusses Applications for Sapphire,!/blogs/inc-well/Imagine-A-Razor-Blade-That-Will-Never-Dull/295371111
The Huffington Post UK, Are LEDs About to Take Over the World?,

Stuff.Co.NZ, Auckland's bridge lit up by 51 thousand bulbs,

Energy Manager Today, San Diego School District Uses Prop 39 Funds for Energy Savings,

Chicago Tribune, Humble light bulb helps Japan fill nuclear gap,
Khaleej Times, Revamped Dubai park to bask in the sunshine,

Greentech Lead, Europe to have 2.9bn general lighting LED lamp installations by 2019,

ABC7, SF Ferry Building Gets Makeover for World's Fair Centennial Anniversary,

Herald Scotland, Electric cars and LED streetlights to help Edinburg meet emissions targets,

WVXU Cincinnati, New branding at Great American Ball Park,
Clare Herald, UL researchers LED the way,

Gizmodo, This Smart LED Jump Rope Flashes Stats in Front of Your Face,

Electronics Weekly, Glasshouse LEDs save greenhouse gasses,
The Hindu, LED revolution unfolds in Guntur,

Compound Semiconductor, Rubicon's Q4 Revenue Up 11 Percent on Q3,

Poughkeepsie Journal, LED lights to save $50k annually for Bridge Authority,

Aerospace Manufacturing & Design, Rubicon Technology produces large-area sapphire windows,

Malay Mail Online, Madrid's LED bulbs are street lights ahead of the world (VIDEO),, Jefferson scientist's study of SAD took him to space and back,, Making City Streets Smarter, More Efficient,

January/February 2015

SF Gate, S.F. replacing old streetlights with cheaper, better LED bulbs,
The Globe and Mail, Canada dims the light on incandescent light bulb,

Yahoo! Finance, Rubicon Technology Appoints Hap Hewes as Senior Vice President, Optical,
Star Tribune, LED system will set the mood inside new Vikings stadium,

Canberra Times, Public servants to take power of India's slums in international move,
Gizmodo, The First Super Bowl Played Under LEDs will use 75 Percent Less Power,

The Detroit News, LEDs cast new light on auto design,

MarketWatch, Rubicon Technology Will Report Results of Fourth Quarter Operations on February 12, 2015,

Wetaskin Times, Future looking bright for local ski hill,

Newsworks, Philly scientist working to help get astronauts a good night's sleep,

LEDs Magazine, LEDs Magazine announces finalists for inaugural Sapphire Awards,

LEDs Magazine, Race engine manufacturer installs LED lighting in California shop,

December 2014/January 2015

East Valley Tribune, Gilbert couple creates anti-collision device for motorcycles,
Novus Light, Ten Lighting Trends to Watch in 2015,

Semiconductor Today, LED lighting market in Japan to grow at 17.73% CAGR to 2019,

FanSided, Empire State Building honors Ohio State title win,

Net News Ledger, The World Rings in 2015,
Eco Tech Daily, 2015: The Year of the LED,

San Jose Mercury News, San Jose begins installing LED street lights,

Horticulture Week, LED lighting improves strawberry quality and yield, say Wageningen researchers,

Semiconductor Today, Rubicon's interim president & CEO made permanent; VP - financial operations becomes CFO,

Popular Science, Why LEDs Are Conquering Lighting,

Huffington Post, Christmas Lights Can Be Seen From space By NASA Satellites,, Virginia Beach switching to LED lights for roadways,
November/December 2014

CCTV America, Denmark laboratory shows off latest energy savings street lamps,

Fstoppers, "Inspired Light" Combines Light Painting And Automotive Photography,

The Asahi Shimbun, Nobel Prize winners reflect on difficulties faced in developing blue LED,

The Japan Times, Designers illuminate us on their winter wonders,

Semiconductor Today, LED market to grow at 17.9% from $46.4bn in 2014 to $105.5bn in 2019,

Product Design & Development, Orbital Sciences' Third Mission to Space Station Ready to Educate & Inspire,

GreenBiz, Greener stadiums: Sports world sees the (LED) light,

ChicagoInno, A Skokie Native's Smart LED Light That Mimics the Sun Is a Hit on Kickstarter,

Daily Mail Online, Let it glow! Father breaks world record with incredible Christmas display that uses 120kms of LED lights,

KCCI 8 News, Have you noticed a change in the Des Moines skyline?

Just Auto, GERMANY: Mercedes-Benz plans LED headlamp advances,

Tech Central, The end of Edison's light bulb,

Gizmag, Fujitsu tech enables LED-lit objects to transmit data to smartphones,, National Gallery goes green with lighting overhaul,

October/November 2014

Gizmodo, Radar-Enabled Light Bulbs Automatically Detect When the Elderly Fall,

Solid State Lighting Design, Guest Commentary: Sapphire Substrate Advances Lead To Bright LEDs at Lower Costs,

The Canberra Times, Christmas lights world record attempt taking shape in Canberra,

Reuters, BMW develops street lights with electric car-charging sockets,

Ars Technica, LED bulb efficiency clearly pulling ahead of compact fluorescents,

ABC News, Australia, Syndey Opera House lights up Concert Hall with new lamps after first major upgrade,

Mashable, LEDs light up NYC for the Empire State Building Halloween light show,

Want China Times, Global LED market 'could hit US $25.7bn in 2015',

Purdue University, Ornamental plant seedling grown with LED lights at Purdue,

Fortune, Everything you wanted to know about LEDs but were afraid to ask,

Santa Rosa's Press Gazzette, Turtle-friendly lighting project set for Pensacola Beach,

The Telegraph, Glow Zoey: The LED stickman costume that's lighting up the internet,

UC Santa Barabara Current, An Imperisal Honor,

NPR, LED Lights Are A 'Transformative Technology' In The Developing World,

AppAdivce, The Wellograph smart watch review,

Iowa City Press-Citizen, Farmers turning LEDs for more efficient lighting,

Compound Semiconductor, US Energy Department Announces $10M For Solid State Lighting Research,

WantChinaTimes, China's LED lighting industry on verge of explosion,

September/October 2014

GM Authority, Dubai Skyscrapers The Inspiration of 2015 Cadillac Escalade LED Lights,

Engadget, Kyocera's sapphire screen is tougher that we expected,

Digital Trends, James Dyson's son built a super-efficient LED light that will last 40 years,

Semiconductor Today, Shipments of LEDs for residential applications to grow from 81 million in 2014 to 1.1B units by 2023,

CNNWorld, Physics Nobel Prize goes to scientist who perfected LED light,

BuzzFeed, 10 Unconventional Uses For LEDs,, Using LED Lights to Change Moods,
ECN, Engineering at Illinois to Induct Six to Hall of Fame,

Imperial Valley News, California Lights the Way with Proposals for Energy-Efficient Lights,, Infinity Portal a Steampunk lift, 

HeraldOnline, 2015 Super Bowl to Be Played Under LED Lights,

Easier Cars, Lexus designs a brighter future for its NX300h with LED technology,

Huffington Post, LEDs Are An Important Climate Change Solution,

PFSK, Glowing LED Hammocks for Adults to Play in Boston,

The Guardian,Wembley's iconic arch to light up when goals are scored,

August/September 2014

Earth Island Journal, Lettuce, From a Skyscraper Near You,

Clean Techies, Trends in Business LED Lighting,, Rubicon Technology (RBCN) CEO to Step Down,

Reuters, No sapphire on your new iPhone? China's Huawei has you covered,, Follow the light: LED-lit displays boost candy sales, claims Mars,

Business Insider, The Truth About Sapphire, The Insanely Hard Material Apple May Use for The iPhone 6 Screen,

San Jose Mercury News, Apple Doubles Down On Sapphire; Will iPhone Get A Glittering Upgrade?,

BloombergTV, Apple Watch With Sapphire Glass Launched By Tim Cook,

CNET, Intel Reveals MICA, Its First Luxury Smart Bracelet,

Sustainable Business, Small Town USA Get On LED Bandwagon,

CNET, Why The iPhone 6 Isn't Rocking a Sapphire Crystal Display,

July/August 2014

CBC News, Smart Lighting System Provides Surveillance At U.S. Airports,

The Times of India, All Streetlights In India To Change To LED Lights,

The Register, Bright Lights, Affordable Motor: Ford Puts LED Headlights Onto Mondeo,

Talk Android, Huawei Confirms Sapphire Display Huawei Ascend P7 On The Way To Market,

LED Inside, Saving Marine Life With LED Fishing Nets,

Yahoo! Sports, Kobe Bryant Is At A Loss For Words After Seeing Nike's Futuristic LED Court,

USA Today, Entrepreneur Lights Up LEDs To Improve Car Safety,

Fast Company, What Is Sapphire, The Super-Tough Display Material That Might Come To The iPhone?,

Semiconductor Today, Mid-Power LEDs To Account For 48% Of Markets in 2014,

News at Princeton, Lighting Improvement Project Will Enhance Campus Sustainability,

Business Standard, National Workshop on LED in Kochi College,  

Energy Live News, LEDs Are Favorite For Energy Managers,

International Business Times, OnePlus OneWatch (Smartwatch) With Rounded Display, Sapphire Protection and Wireless Charging in The Offing - Tough Luck for Moto 360,

LEDs Magazine, Florida Town Keeps Sea Turles Safe With Turtle-Friendly LEDtronics LED Shoebox Lights,

Slate, The Latest Tool to Combat Domestic Violence: LED Cameras,

Wall Street Journal, New iPhone: A Sapphire Screen and a Higher Cost,

June/July 2014

CNet, Scoop: Kyocera developing smartphone with sapphire crystal display,

Engadget, Sapphire phone displays are tough, but the realities are even tougher,

BGR, The iPhone 6′s sapphire display might not be all it’s cracked up to be,

Gizmodo, What's Sapphire Glass, and Why Would Apple Want It In Your iPhone?

The Daily Mail, The great iWatch wait: Apple's smartwatch delayed and will not begin production until November- but will come with 'unbreakable' sapphire screen,

Investors Business Daily, GT Advanced Might Miss Out On Apple IPhone 6 Launch,

Digitimes, Patterned sapphire substrate market value in 2014 to reach US$711 million, says LEDinside,

The Washington Post, Samsung and LG launch new smartwatches. Is this the year you’ll want to buy one?,

Digitimes, LED makers see increased demand due to Ultra HD TV developments,

International Business Times, iPhone 6 Release Date Looms Large as Mass Production Begins for Initial Shipment of 68M Units – Reports,

The Wall Street Journal, Can Apple Crack the Smartwatch Code?, Company Takes On Rivals Google and Samsung With Wrist Device to Launch Later This Year,, Apple Granted Trio of Sapphire Related Technology Patents,

May/June 2014

Semiconductor Today, LED market growing 9% in 2014 to $16.6bn,

The New York Times, As LED Industry Evolves, China Elbows Ahead,

Digitimes, Sapphire substrate applications expected to expand in handsets, says LEDinside,

StarTribune (Minneapolis, MN), LED bulbs are getting better – and cheaper,

Wired, Today’s Most Promising Display Technology May Already Be Dead,

CNet, Shining a light on high-CRI LEDs,

LEDs Magazine, Expanding adoption of SSL drives MOCVD technology advances,

Patently Apple, Apple's "iWatch" Device may be about "Watching" your Health,, Why Making Lights In America ‘Is Not Just An Option’,

Re/code, Tech Luminaries Want to Light Up the Golden Gate Next,

CNet, Why the time for an iWatch is finally almost here,

Investors Business Daily, Apple readies scratch-proof screens for iPhone 6,

May 2014

Patently Apple, Emergency Bells go off at Samsung to use Sapphire Cover Glass,

The Guardian, Too big to save: why commercial buildings resist energy efficiency,

Sustainable Business,Philips Introduces 'Lighting as a Service,'

Patently Apple, Apple Reveals More Details of their Future Sapphire Cover Glass,, Philips continues its lighting revolution, tweaking LEDs for hydroponic growing,

Novus Light, Long-Life LEDs: Help or hindrance for lighting manufacturers?,

Cleantechnica, Philips LED Down To $1.97 Some Places, CREE LED Down To $6.97 At Home Depot,

Taipei Times, Everlight wins Japan patent ruling,

The Economist, The light fantastic, Indoor farming may be taking root,

Gizmodo, Chicago's Huge Vertical Farm Glows Under Countless LED Suns,

LEDs Magazine, Digital Lumens expands smart LED platform with agents, software, and fixtures,

GigaOm, Patent reform dies in Senate as Leahy pulls plug on key bill,

Buildings, Parking Facilities Slash Energy by 90%

Patently Apple, Apple Patent Reveals Future Flexible Displays Incorporating Key Bendable Metal Traces,

 April/May 2014

Compound Semiconductor, Yole: Substrates influencing LED front-end industry,

Semiconductor Today, Veeco's revenue rises 24% in Q1, driven by MOCVD recovery,

Compound Semiconductor, MOCVD Players: Growth At Last,

The Verge, Supply chained: Apple's sapphire production will be hard to copy,

Macrumors, Rising Sapphire Display Cost May Limit Production of 5.5-Inch iPhone 6,

G4 Report, Nobel Prize home lit by LED,

All LED Lighting, Osram Is First Into Mainstream Headlight Market,

Display+, LED luminaire shipments for outdoor and parking applications grow to almost 14 million annually by 2023,

TechCrunch, Apple Acquires Power Efficient LED Tech Company LuxVue,

Patently Apple, Apple Acquires 21 LuxVue Patents with Some using Sapphire,

Compound Semiconductor, LED technology advancements slash fixture costs,[P2]:-LED-technology-advancements-slash-fixture-cost.html

Compound Semiconductor, Fixtures: LEDs to overtake fluorescents for the first time,[P2]:-Fixtures:-LEDs-to-overtake-fluorescents-for-the-first-tim.html

The Telegraph, How to save '£240 a year' with LED lightbulbs,

G4 Report, Apartment complex in college town switches to LED lighting,

Novus Light, Independence LED Tube More Efficient Than Average,

Novus Light, GT Advanced Technologies Expands Sapphire and Silicon Carbide Manufacturing,

The Globe and Mail, Why Tim Hortons switched to LED lights

Compound Semiconductor, Cree: Fading Out?,

April 2014

Compound Semiconductor, Yole: Three players monopolise LED MOCVD market,

Semiconductor Today, Packaged HB-LED market to grow at 12.9% to over $26bn in 2018,

Semiconductor Today, Next investment cycle already begun in LED front-end equipment,

LEDinside, Nichia Reignites Patent War against Everlight with New Infringement Lawsuit,

Compound Semiconductor, GaN-on-Silicon Substrate Patent Investigation

Gizmodo, LED Lights Are Ruining Laundry Detergent's White-Brightening Trick,

LEDinside, Battle for Resources Heating Back up in Sapphire Substrate Industry,

Wall Street Journal, The Best LED Light Bulbs for Vivid, Rich Colors,

Marketwatch, Grow Lights for Agriculture Market 2014 to 2020 Shares and Global Forecasts,

Compound Semiconductor, Osram LEDs light up Ford pickup,

LEDs Magazine, Works by Kipling lit by CLD and Osram, museum lighting advances,

Tweaktown, Pulse by Sengled LED light bulb offers lighting and music in any room,

Reuters, LED makers get smart to rise above price war and growth cliff,

Walmart, Walmart and GE Transforming Retail Lighting with Energy-Efficient LEDs Globally,

Solid State Technology, GaN-on-Si enables GaN power electronics, will LED transition as well?,

Semiconductor Today, LEDs in signage & professional displays to grow at 11.9% annually to $3.56bn in 2019,

Patently Apple, Apple's Invents Sapphire Growth Systems,

Acquire, TAG HEUER MERIDIIST INFINITE, (sapphire cover glass)

Gizmag, Philips launches clear LED bulb with the look of an incandescent,

IAM, Patent study reveals the companies best placed to profit from LED boom,

Compound Semiconductor, Osram LED turns smartphones and tablets into remote controls,

Solid State Technology, New technique makes LEDs brighter, more resilient,

All LED Lighting, The LED Patent Landscape,, Former IKEA Execs Look to “Revolutionize” LED Light Bulbs,

March 2014

RTCC, LED costs to halve as efficiency doubles by 2020 – US Dept of Energy,

LED Journal, Sapphire Applications and Market: From LED to Consumer Electronics, (Yole Research, Sapphire Report)

Compound Semiconductor, A $10 Revolution?,$10-revolution.html

NPD Display Search, Consumer Demand for LED Lighting Rises as Demand for LED Backlight Falters, According to NPD DisplaySearch,

Compound Semiconductor, Yole: Power has the strength over LEDs for GaN-on-Silicon, The market analysts believe that the LED market will stick to GaN-on-sapphire,

Columbus Business First, LED light bulb prices projected to match CFLs by 2020,

Tech Page One, LEDs are lighting our way to the future,

Tech Times, LG unveils Smart Lamp: Intelligent bulb links with iOS and Android devices,

Techcrunch, Now Samsung Has Bluetooth LED Light Bulbs, Too,

Semiconductor Today, Osram launches CoB LED offering twice the light from half the surface, targeting compact spotlights,

Semiconductor Today, Martini Tech offering GaN MOCVD on sapphire substrates,, Gionee release two new smartphone for Chinese market, (A non-luxury smartphone with a sapphire cover)

Patently Apple, Apple Reveals an Oleophobic Coating on Sapphire Process for iDevices that may Incorporate Liquid-Metal,

Techcrunch, Apple Patents Smudge-Resistant Sapphire Coating, Suggesting Displays Are On The Way,

Semiconductor Today, Sapphire core prices to resume rise in Q2-Q3/2014; wafer prices to rise slightly in Q2,

Patently Apple, Apple Saved the Sapphire Industry and will transform it in 2014,

North American Builders, The Revolutionary LED,

CBS, LED bulb delivers data through light, instead of Wi-Fi,

Patently Apple, New Super Bright Nano-Dot Coatings for Sapphire Substrates came to light in Japan this Week,

Compound Semiconductor, Philips SlimStyle LED bulb comes in at $9.97,$9.9.html

Greentechmedia, Cree Accelerates the LED Light Bulb Pricing War,

International Business Times, 'Thinnest-Possible' LEDs Could Transform Consumer Electronics,

The Guardian, Illuminating cities with sustainable smart lighting systems,

Apple Insider, Apple invention improves accuracy of wrist pedometers, points to future wearable device,

Chicago Tribune, LED vs. CFLs: Shedding some more light on the subject of light bulbs,,0,7280375.column

Robohub, Urban vegetable garden system with LED lighting,

February 2014

Barron’s, Light Bulbs Go Off in LED,

Semiconductor Today, Rubicon grows for a third consecutive quarter, driven by LED general lighting and non-LED mobile applications,

LEDs Magazine, Strategies Unlimited projects packaged LED market to hit $25.9B in 2018,

LEDs Magazine, Packaged LED market resumes moderate growth while the SSL market will enjoy 12% CAGR through 2017,

NY Times, At Newark Airport, the Lights Are On, and They’re Watching You,

Fox News, LEDs turn out the light on incandescents and CFLs,

Apple Insider, Samsung announces Galaxy S5 with 5.1" display, fingerprint scanner & heart rate monitor,

Novus Light Today, Solid-State Lighting: Moving to the general market,

LEDs Magazine, Samsung announces three LED families that target mobile device applications,

EE Times Asia, LED lighting systems: Potential security risks?,9555561284,2014-02-25,EEOL,ARTICLE_ALERT

Allied Lighting blog, Demand for sapphire "rebounding,”

Christian Science Monitor, Halogen light bulbs? CFL? LED? What's the difference?,

Compound Semiconductor, Nichia's appeal of blue LED patent denied,

anuary/February 2014

ABI Research, LED and Visible Light Communications Could be Key to Unlocking $5 Billion Indoor Location Market,

Semiconductor Today, LED lighting market to grow from $2bn to $25bn in 2023,

Compound Semiconductor, IHS: GaN LED revenue lifts 10.6 percent in 2013,

Patently Apple, Apple's Sudden Push into Sapphire Manufacturing Sends Taiwanese Manufacturers Scrambling to Secure Patents,

Patently Apple, New Crystal Ceramic Fingerprint Scanning Material will try to Match Apple's Sapphire based Touch ID Solution,

Semiconductor Today, Decline in packaged LED ASPs slowing as super-high-power LEDs rise to 50% of lighting shipments by 2017,

Digitimes, Digitimes Research: Japan to keep largest share of global LED lighting in 2014,

Gizmodo, How LED Streetlights Will Change Cinema (And Make Cities Look Awesome),

The New York Times, LEDs Change Thinking About the Light Bulb,

The New York Times, Basking in a New Glow,, Understanding Light Bulbs — CFLs vs LEDs,

Chicago Tribune, Brighten your knowledge on LED lights,

Compound Semiconductor, Rubicon Reveals Sapphire Plans,

GigaOm, Apple patent reveals company’s potential plans for sapphire glass,

Compound Semiconductor, Lux: LED lighting market to grow over 12-fold,

Tech Radar, Cook confirms Apple interest in sapphire, won't divulge use in iPhone 6 or iWatch

Lighting, Studies show how retail lighting affects consumer behavior,

Lighting, Using LED lighting in retail: Into Lighting's Jitrois design,, Are we at the Tipping Point for Widespread Adoption of LEDs?,

Digitimes, Crystalwise, Procrystal to raise additional capital,

EE Times, LED street light installations to grow by 400% in next five years forecasts Strategies Unlimited,

Tech Radar, Apple could stick sapphire to screens, processors and more in iPhone 6,

G4 Report, Greenhouse food growers testing LED lighting,

G4 Report, Are LEDs the most sustainable form of light? US report says yes,

November/December 2013

Semiconductor Today, Sapphire substrate makers expanding production to meet LED lighting and smartphone demand,

Compound Semiconductor, Nichia ups the ante in patent war with Everlight,

Semiconductor Today, US LED and high-efficiency lighting market to grow at 10% annually through 2017,

Huffington Post, LEDs: A Holiday Gift That Keeps on Giving,

CNet, Cree unveils 75-watt replacement LED (hands-on),

Compound Semiconductor, Plessey sampling new generation of GaN-on-Silicon LEDs,

The Verge, Philips' LED carpet brings the bioluminescent jungle indoors,

Compound Semiconductor, Soraa expands US GaN LED manufacturing capabilities,

Marketwatch, New GE Sugar Plum LED Holiday Lights Unveiled on National Christmas Tree,, Soraa to build LED factory in Buffalo,

Novus Light Today, LEDs Make Leaf Lettuce Grow,

Semiconductor Today, Soitec and SunEdison enter into SOI patent cross-license agreement,

LEDs Magazine, Osram LEDs to light the Sistine Chapel's Michelangelo frescoes,

Bioscience Technology, Tiny Devices Can Shine Light on Brain Disorders,

LED Journal, Using UV LEDs to Control the Spread of Hospital Acquired Infections,

Solid State Technology, Rubicon Technology appoints Warren Stewart as Senior VP of Sales and Marketing,, That 60W-equivalent LED: What you don’t know, and what no one will tell you…,

Design & Trend, iPhone 6 Concept Unveiled With Unbreakable Sapphire Display [VIDEO] Release Date Rumors, Specs,, 3Q13 Global LED Market Share Leaders,, Soraa Expands GaN on GaN LED Manufacturing Operations in U.S.,

Hispanic Business News, Patent Issued for semiconductor Light-Emitting Diode,

CNet, Sapphire usage in smartphones set to soar, study finds,

IHS (Press Release), Sapphire Substrate Market to Nearly Triple as Demand Booms for Covers in Smartphones,

Wall Street Journal, Samsung Elbows Apple with Stake in Gorilla Glass Maker Corning,

Lighting Magazine, LED sales up 33 per cent at Philips,

The New York Times, Tablet Makers Gear Up for Latest Skirmish,

The Wall Street Journal, Apple Adjusts Tablet Strategy,

Techcrunch, Tablets To Grow 53.4% This Year, Says Gartner, as the Traditional PC declines 11.2% [Updated],

Gizmodo, How LED Lighting Is Being Used to Comfort Patients in Intensive Care,

Union-Tribune (San Diego), LED lighting can bring warmth to your home,

Union-Tribune (San Diego), Philips targets office market with new LED light,

LEDs Magazine, Daan Roosegaarde debuts Crystal LED light artwork at Dutch Design Week,

LEDs Magazine, What's inside the Walmart 60W-replacement LED bulb?,

LED Inside, Goldman Sachs Optimistic about LED Growth in 2014,

Compound Semiconductor, IHS: Packaged LED Market Could Double In 3 Years,, Report: Apple could use sapphire crystal for home button on new iPads, cover glass on 2014 iPhones,

Wall Street Journal, All Things Digital,

Christian Science Monitor,

Electronics Weekly, LED market surging,

The New York Times, Silver Screen and LEDs Join at Last,

Compound Semiconductor, LED Light Bulbs Just Got Cheaper,

Digitimes, LED fluorescent tube market expanding, says DisplaySearch,

Digitimes Research, Digitimes Research: September prices for 60W equivalent LED light bulbs fall in main markets,

Solid State Technology, Emergence of low price LED solutions are pushing technology adoption toward general lighting,

Compound Semiconductor, Yole: Inexpensive LED Solutions Pushing Adoption In General Lighting,

Laser Focus World, LIGHT-EMITTING DIODES: GaN-on-GaN platform removes cost/performance tradeoffs in LED lighting,

Solid State Technology, Emergence of low price LED solutions are pushing technology adoption toward general lighting,

CNet, Is sapphire Apple's next product material?,

Patently Apple, Apple Invents a Fusion Process that Will Add a Sapphire Laminate Layer to iPhone, iPad & Future iWatch Cover Glass,

Gizmodo, Apple's Patented Technology Would Make iPhone Virtually Unbreakable,

Reuters, Shares of Apple, chip suppliers rise as iPhones hit stores,

Wall Street Journal, Apple Sells 9 Million iPhones Over Launch Weekend,

Digitimes, Major LED development trends to occur in 2014, says LEDinside,

Semiconductor Today, Peregrine launches carrier-grade Wi-Fi switch delivering 50 times more isolation and 10 times better linearity for 802.11ac Wi-Fi access points,

Digitimes, Sapphire to be used in new iPad, say Taiwan makers,

Buildings, Domino's Sets World Record for LED Lighting Efficiency,

Digitimes/EDN, Four Taiwan sapphire wafer/ingot makers to expand capacities, says paper,

Digitimes, Nichia to be active in patent war against Taiwan LED maker Everlight,

Compound Semiconductor, Kyma's AlN Template Production Ramps Up,'s-AlN-template-production-ramps-u.html

Novus Light Today, Optical-Grade Sapphire, Where Quality Matters,

Digitimes, The mid-power LED lighting trend: Q&A with Philips Lumileds CEO,

Taipei Times, New iPhone feature set to boost Taiwanese firms,

Reuters, Insight: Trigger Finger - Apple fires biometrics into the mainstream,

Engadget, iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor called Touch ID, recognizes your thumb on the Home button: here's how it works and what it does,, Apple launches iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S,,, How iPhone 5S makes your finger into a password,

Semiconductor Today, Optimizing spherical cap patterned sapphire for nitride semiconductor LEDs,

Solid State Technology, Imec and Veeco to collaborate on GaN-on-Si devices for LEDs and power electronics,

LEDs Magazine, LED manufacturing news: Azzurro and Air Water pursue alternate LED substrate strategies,

CIOL Magazine, Solid state lighting market worth $56.79 billion by 2018,, LED Taiwan Exhibition Focuses on 6-inch Wafer Production Trend,

LEDs Magazine, LED Japan/Strategies in Light Japan speakers include blue LED pioneer,

The New York Times, MARKET READY: What’s Best, LED or Incandescent Lights,, General lighting LED lamp sales taking off in US and APAC,, German Court Finds Everlight LED Products to Infringe Nichia's YAG Patent,, US authorities test adaptive LED headlamps,

Digitimes, LED lighting luminous efficiency to rise to 200lm/W in 5 years, says Philips Lumileds SSL Fellow,

Digitimes Research: LED edge-lit 50-inch and above size LCD TV panels in high demand,

Digitimes, Panel shipments for iPhone 5s expected to reach 10-15 million units in 3Q13,

Compound Semiconductor, Yole: LED Phosphor IP Is Shaping The Industry,

Digitimes, Epistar starts shipping LED chips to Cree, say Taiwan makers,

LEDs Magazine, DOE publishes fact sheet on the lifetime and reliability of LED-based lighting,

Business Insider, This Video Reveals Just How Huge Of An Upgrade The iPhone 5S Will Be On The Inside,

Electronic Engineering Journal, Sending Out an SOS,, General lighting LED lamp sales taking off in US and APAC,

EE Times Europe, As LED prices drop, LED lighting in emerging markets takes off,

LEDs Magazine, Cree, Lumileds, and Nichia spar on LED future at The LED Show,

CNBC, How many consumers does it take to design a light bulb?,|finance|headline|headline|story&par=yahoo&doc=100910667|How+many+people+does+it+t, LED market lightens up sapphire wafer prospects,

PC Magazine, Rumors Tip Gold iPhone 5S With Sapphire Home Button,,2817,2422971,00.asp, The Latest In iPhone 5S and 5C Rumors: Sapphire Home Buttons, Fingerprint Sensors,

Semiconductor Today, Peregrine introduces new RF switch,, Delayed fingerprint sensor production to limit initial shipments of iPhone 5S to 3-4 million units in 3Q13, say ,

NIST, LEDs Get a Life Sentence,

Solid State Technology, Tablet display market more than doubles in Q1,, Laser markets keep on an even keel,

Novus Light, Erogear Wearable Display Technology Provides Medium for Creativity and Safety,

Novus Light, VI Systems Acquires License to US Patent for Use in Silicon Photonics,

Hispanic Business, Patent Issued for Wall Structures for a Semiconductor Wafer,

LEDs Magazine, LED business news: Osram and Sharp; Zumtobel exec and business changes,

Semiconductor Today, AZZURRO demonstrates ‘1 bin’ wavelength LED wafer,

Solid State Technology, Epi-wafer market to grow to $4 billion in 2020 as LED lighting zooms to $80 billion,, Osram shares soar on second day of trading,, LED sales up 28% at Philips,

Semiconductor Today, Sapphire substrates to face another growth peak, driven by emerging demand from handset market,

Compound Semiconductor, Plessey Thrusts LEDs Into The Market,, As LED lighting demand takes off, Taiwan makers should seek integration, says Formosa Epitaxy chairman,

EE Times Asia, China LED lighting market to grow 36% this year,\

Compound Semiconductor, Cracks Could Affect GaN-On-Silicon LED Market,, LED forecaster plays down GaN-on-silicon impact,

Schiphol (Amsterdam) to install LED lighting along all its runways,

Solid State Technology, Smart lighting market to grow 37% between 2013 and 2018,, China plans to release LED lighting standards in 2014, say Taiwan makers,, Philips LED bulbs designed for shops,

Compound Semiconductor, LED Chip Price Currently Stable But May Fall In H2 2013,

Wall Street Journal, Siemens Spinoff Could Have A Bright Future,

Semiconductor Today, Siemens spin-off Osram goes public, becoming an independent firm,

Iowa Farmer Today, Milking lighting to boost production,

Huffington Post, LEDs Light Up Wall Street,

Solid State Technology, Plessey's bright ideas land deal with US firm,

Digitimes, Prices for sapphire ingots in 3Q13 to rise 15-20%,

Semiconductor Today, Sapphire substrates to face another growth peak, driven by emerging demand from handset market,

New Electronics, Plessey begins sampling 350mW GaN-on-Si leds,

Compound Semiconductor, Surging Demand for LED Light Bulbs Fuels Global Price Drop,

Digitimes, Some LED chip makers extend to packaging,

Solid State Technology, US DOE news release Washington: Bright Lights and Even Brighter Ideas,

Solid State Lighting, Bridgelux and Future Electronics Sign Global Distribution Agreement,, Peregrine Semiconductor In Deal With Murata,

Solid State Technology, Defense semiconductor and similar applications represent 25% of sapphire industry revenue,

Compound Semiconductor, Sapphire Industry Must Push Harder To Crack Phone Screen Market,

Asahi Shimbun, BIZ BRIEF: Panasonic to expand LED lighting business in Asia,

Mac Daily News,Corning’s Gorilla Glass vs. sapphire for mobile touch displays
Read more at 

Digitimes, Sapphire substrate firms hope to increase PSS prices,

LEDs Magazine, DOE announces $10.1M in Round 4 of new investments to drive cost-competitive LED lighting,

Digitimes, LED lighting demand to rise in 2H13, says Epistar,, Slideshow: How NASA uses LEDs,, Explosion-proof LEDs target failsafe appsm, Demand for LEDs in biomed systems to grow fivefold by 2019,

Digitimes Research: Taiwan MOCVD capacity to account for 28% of global total in 2013,

Compound Semiconductor, LEDs And Power Transistors Share A GaN-On-Sapphire Chip,

Solid State Technology, Report forecasts that LED luminaire business will reach $516M market by 2016,, The Next Apple Will Be Found in LED Lighting, 

Forbes, How Cree Perfected The 20-Year Lightbulb,

LIGHTimes News, Government Subsidies Decrease for China LED Chip Makers; Taiwan LED Chip Makers to Benefit from Reduced Price Pressure,

IES Logic, CFLs vs. LEDs: A Q+A with OSRAM SYLVANIA’s Jeff Waymouth, (Illuminating Engineering Society)

Digitimes Research, Global LED light bulb shipments to reach 842 million units in 2013,

Digitimes, Prices for 2-inch sapphire wafers may rise, say Taiwan makers,, Today’s LEDs—What’s responsible for the improvements?,, Sapphire iPhone 5S Part Reportedly Sent to Apple “for Verification”

LEDs Magazine, Osram leads research on LED-based adaptive headlamps for autos,

Electronics Weekly (UK), Toshiba to manufacture GaN-on-silicon LEDs,

Electronics Weekly (UK), Toshiba buys Bridgelux GaN-on-Si joint venture,

The Verge, Hundreds of LED-equipped umbrellas will descend on MIT this Sunday night,

Time, Smart Spending, Light Switch: Why You’ll Start Using LED Bulbs This Year,

USA Today, Forecast: Tablet shipments to outpace PCs by 2015,

Barron’s, A Clear Case for Corning (Subscription Required)

Wall Street Journal, A Bright Future for LED,, Global LED light bulb prices continue to drop,

MIT Tech Review, LED Lights to Cut 60-Watt Bulb to Five Watts,, GreenSpace: This bulb might turn you on,

EE Times, Plessey samples LEDs made on silicon wafers,, Plessey plans silicon-based LED ramp,

Electronics Weekly, Mannerisms Blog, Plessey Samples GaN-on-Silicon LEDs,

Compound Semiconductor Magazine, Slashing The Cost Of Solid-State Lighting, (by Aixtron)

Reuters, LED price battle heats up as Osram launches 10-euro bulb,

Triangle Business Journal, Cree-Philips LED bulb battle heats up,

Semiconductor Today, Cree’s LED lighting brings 70% energy savings to Tops Friendly Markets store,

LEDs Magazine, LEDs Used in Signage/Professional Displays Global Market Forecast,

Compound Semiconductor, Let There Be LED Light,

LEDs Magazine, DOE releases reports on LED environmental testing and ambient lighting, notes NAS report,

Pike Research (news release), LED-Based Street Lighting Market to Surpass $2 Billion by 2020, Forecasts Pike Research,, Made in Chicago: Rubicon Sapphire Wafers,

Solid State Technology, Peregrine Semiconductor to license its UltraCMOS design to Murata,

Solid State Technology, AIXTRON sees signs of market stabilization in report of 2012 fiscal year,

Bloomberg, LED Lighting to Grow 40% in 2013, Philips Executive Says,

Apple Insider, Philips releases Hue LED light bulb SDK and official APIs to iOS developers,

Consumer Reports, LED prices drop as competition heats up,

MIT Technology Review, Cree Introduces an LED Bulb Edison Would Love,

MIT Technology Review, Once-Pricey LED Bulbs to Dip Under $10,

GigaOm, Cree launches an LED bulb for under $10,

The Verge, Cree's $13 LED light bulb is the best yet, looks and feels incandescent (hands-on),

Semiconductor Today, Lux Research identifies dominant players in LEDs and power electronics,

New Hampshire Business Review, GTAT: Trade war hurts our sales in China,

Compound Semiconductor Magazine, Silicon-On-Sapphire; Rising Value In Next-Generation Wireless Networks,;-rising-value-in-next-generation-wireless-network.html

EDN, Rubicon ships whopping 400,000 sapphire wafers,

Solid State Technology, Worldwide LED component market grows 9% with lighting,

Telegraph, Vertu Ti: luxury mobile phone to sell for over £14,000.

Digitimes, Taiwan makers looking to use of sapphire wafers in smartphones,

Compound Semiconductor Magazine, Cree LED Lighting Illuminates Petty’s Garage,

Digitimes Research, Panasonic LED lighting accounts for 10% of global market in 2012,

LEDs Magazine, ANSI works to standardize LED datasheet for white LEDs (MAGAZINE),

Digitimes, China government expected to boost integration of LED makers,

Semiconductor Today, GaN device market to grow at 18% annually through 2016,

Digitimes, China LED industry continues to expand despite oversupply,

Semiconductor Today, Soitec’s engineered substrates used in over half of smart phones and tablets,

New York Times, LEDs Emerge as a Popular ‘Green’ Lighting,

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